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Worry-free IT with Business Care Managed IT Services

Worry-free IT with Business Care Managed IT Services

24/7/365 Remote PC & Server Monitoring, Management and Immediate Response from Anywhere.  Think of it like an insurance policy for your business 1-888-901-8083

 download (4)Let The Global View Business Care manage your technology so you can stay focused on your business goals and pursue your vision.

The Global View Business Care Managed IT Service Series provides complete service protection and proactive monitoring of all key functions on the network, servers and workstations.  It is designed to provide your organization with a fixed-cost solution, predictable investment and optimal productivity.

We view ourselves as an extension of your business. Our IT Management goals are nothing short of a dramatic reduction in your total cost of technology ownership and a dramatic reduction in your technology-induced stress level.  Through proactive device and performance monitoring in our network operations center (NOC), our engineers can identify and correct issues on your network, servers and desktops before they create downtime and respond immediately to service requests.




The Hidden Cost of Lost Productivity

People often think of the costs of their computer systems as the total dollar value spent on hardware, software and services.  But, over the life of each system, by far the biggest cost is lost productivity due to software glitches, system downtime and the lack of appropriate training.

How many hours a month do you or your employees spend trying to solve computer problems instead of getting work done? Have you ever calculated the true costs to your business? Let us help you to calculate you.  It’s an eye-opening exercise. Call 1-888-901-8083.


Tired of having to wait for a technician to show up? Our monitoring and remote access tools along with our expert help desk eliminate 90% of onsite visits. That means we can instantly address problems, help your staff and avoid downtime for your employees.

Monthly low fixed rate billing means no budget surprises. With our Global View Computing Business Care plan, you can budget for IT costs and not reward the IT company with runaway hourly billing when your systems are down.  We even have a special plan level designed for small offices for up to 5 or 10 workstations.

Ready to avoid expensive repairs from small issues becoming large problems?  Our network and device monitoring mean true proactive maintenance and instant problem remediation for every device on our network. It is like having your car tuned up every day.

Security means peace of mind. Our fixed monthly fee includes security monitoring, patch management, antivirus and antispyware licensing.  That means that you can focus on your business… not worry about your technology.

Proactive maintenance and end-to-end management mean enhanced performance, fewer interruptions and better productivity for your staff. Instead of using IT as a competitive business tool, many businesses waste valuable time and money struggling to keep their networks, computers and e-mail running.  We guarantee a reliable and secure network running at peak performance… all the time.


Global View Business Care Managed Service FAQ

1. Q. What size organization can benefit from the Global View Computing Business Care Program?
A.  Any size organization can take advantage of the many benefits.  Typically organizations with 5 desktops or more will reap the terrific benefits and savings.  We do have a special plan designed for one-person organizations.  Contact us for details.

2. Q. Is there a commitment time for the Global View Computing Business Care agreement?
A.  The contract is renewed on an annual basis and we do request your commit to 3 months so that you can properly evaluate the benefits and we have to completely tune up and standardize your network.  You can cancel after that time with 30 days notice.

3. Q. Besides knowing that all of my devices are being monitored and managed, what other benefits does my organization enjoy?
A.  Our Global View Computing Business Care clients receive guaranteed response time and priority service when support or project work is needed.  Global View Computing clients also received discounted support and project work, B2B web online store discounts, included help desk and onsite support, Microsoft updates and patch management, technology planning sessions and executive summary network health reporting.  Backups, services, hardware, software and errors are monitored EVERDAY and Antivirus and Antispyware licenses are included FOREVER.  No more costly annual renewals!

4. Q. What if we already have an IT manager or IT department?
A.  That’s great.  Global View Computing Business Care Basic is actually designed for organizations that have internal IT staff.  We can still provide all of the back-end monitoring and management features, Antivirus and Antispyware licensing and much more.  Plus, we can make our monitoring tools, which include asset management and details on each workstation and server, a graphical view of each device on the network with its condition and one-click integrated remote login, available to your IT manager or department.  It will significantly reduce costs and downtime and simplify IT for your organization.  Instead of putting out fires, your IT staff can concentrate on technology projects that benefit your bottom line and improve your business processes.

5. Q. What’s the process when a problem is discovered on our network, server or workstation?
A.  All of our Global View Computing Business Care clients are monitored 24x7x365 via our software tools and network operations center.  When any problem or error condition is detected, an alert is immediately generated to our monitoring software portal and remediated remotely by our support technicians.  Any critical issue also results in an automatic page to a field services manager.  The condition is remotely remediated and when the condition is returned to normal, the alert is closed.   The idea is to resolve many little issues as they occur before they turn into big problems on the network or the system.  If a condition requires onsite support or user intervention, our team will notify you immediately.  All support incidents are tracked in our online system accessible to you at any time.  Plus we can proactively run maintenance through our tools as well. For example, system defrags and temp file cleanups are scripted to run on a regular basis. Call us today 1-888-901-8083


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