Global View Office Relocation Services


Make Your Relocation Experience Headache Free

GVC specializes in the relocation of computer networks, telephone systems and cabling of office spaces. Let GVC relocation experts make your move headache free.


Hire Experienced Pros

GVC infrastructure experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience in proper design and implementation of EIA/TIA standards for network infrastructure. The cost for a GVC infrastructure expert to install your cabling is similar, or often less than other non-specialists. This makes GVC the logical choice.


Get Moving

To ensure that your network infrastructure is organized with your construction plan, GVC experts work with your architect and general contractor. GVC manages the relocation of your computer equipment and telecommunication circuits to ensure a smooth transition of your network to your new location.


The GVC Guarantee

GVC unconditionally guarantees against defects in materials and workmanship. All work is designed and approved by certified system engineers.


Get Wired From GVC

GVC data cabling experts will handle the design, engineering, and installation of copper & fiber optic cabling systems. We perform extensive testing and provide written reports using high end Fluke Networks test equipment. Further, all work is approved by a certified system engineer prior to customer acceptance.


Cut The Cord

GVC is a Premier CISCO Partner specializing in Wireless LANs. We have the knowledge and expertise in building and maintaining end-to-end wireless network connections throughout or between buildings. Call us at 1-888-901-8083 when you are ready to “cut the cord”.

Clients And Partners

Microsoft Small Business Specialists are partners who recognize that small-business customers have IT needs and who are able to meet those needs with high-quality solutions built on Micrsoft

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