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IT Assessment

IT Assessment Services: To Make Business Risk Free

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IT assessment services

What You’ll Gain from an IT Assessment

  • Obtain fresh perspectives and new insights into your IT practices
  • Discover how to leverage cloud computing, mobile devices, and other technology trends to reduce inefficiencies within your business operations.
  • Identify lurking technology problems before they lead to expensive hassles
  • Ensure that your IT disaster recovery plans are sufficient
  • Understand how a ‘People Fast’ approach to tech support can improve morale and productivity in your organization.




What Have You Got to Lose?

Nothing! A complimentary IT assessment is a risk-free way to benefit from objective outside opinions from a team of experienced IT professionals with a proven track record of client success. The process is non-invasive and pain free. The conversation is focused around the needs and challenges of your business and doesn’t require you to provide access to your IT systems. From start to finish, it’s about an hour of your time- we’ll make sure it’s the most productive hour of your day.


About Help with a Smile

Operating out of our New York City headquarters, Help with a Smile provides IT services designed specifically to address the technology needs of entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized businesses.

Help with a Smile approaches IT support with a different philosophy than most IT companies. We believe in “People First IT”. Every member of our staff, from the help desk to our senior leadership, all understand how to tackle complex technical problems while offering the highest quality service with a personal touch.

Whether it’s help desk supportIT maintenanceIT project management or even “Help! The server is down!”, outsourcing your IT services to Help with a Smile is the smartest choice your company can make. With Help with a Smile, customers get access to high-quality, flexible IT support and consulting services.

IT assessment services

Clients And Partners

Microsoft Small Business Specialists are partners who recognize that small-business customers have IT needs and who are able to meet those needs with high-quality solutions built on Micrsoft

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