Business IT Support

Business IT Support

businesitsuuportGlobal view Computing understands about strong business this is how we have survived 10 Years. When you require IT-Support you need it fast and efficiently, by people who know business and know the area. New York & New Jersey is a large State with many growing businesses. GVC is proud to support businesses in New York City, New Jersey city and all county around NY, NJ.








businesitsuuport1Many companies in New York City like to have In-house IT support. This could be one technician or a tech team. This is good but there are problems. (1) A junior tech could cost your company $15,000+ an experienced tech $65,000+ this maybe alright if you have fifty plus computers and a couple of servers but if you have only have ten or you do not have many IT matters. Then this money could go somewhere more useful. (2) Some companies employ someone who could multi task but while he is fixing your computers he is losing sales. (3) Computer problems do not happen all the time, you end up trying to find jobs for your techs to do, spending even more useless money or you have your tech team ‘twiddle their thumbs’  paying $15,000 for absolutely nothing..

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Microsoft Small Business Specialists are partners who recognize that small-business customers have IT needs and who are able to meet those needs with high-quality solutions built on Micrsoft

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